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Access internet while OpenVPN is running on Linux

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 If you have configured OpenVPN on your Linux machine , and when you run it , internet connection gone, this is solution.
I have this problem on Ubuntu, Lubuntu and Kubuntu 12.04. Internet works on Windows XP, / and most Linux distributions.

To connect on internet while running OpenVPN do this:
 Before you start you must dissconect OpenVPN.
1. Press ALT-F2
2. Enter this command and press ENTER: nm-connection-editor
Window on bottom picture will appear:

3.Click VPN, choose your VPN connection and click Edit
 Then this window will open:

3.Click IPv4 Settings, and then click Routes...
Then this window will open:

Edit routes , click on option "Use this connection for resource  on its network"

4.Click "Use this connection for resource  on its network".
5.Click "OK", and then "Save".

Now connect to OpenVPN and try to open some web page to test connection. It should work.
If you expirience loosing network connection try enabling and disabling it, and then again enabling.